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Default Re: Ugly incident - Monarch Halloween cruise

I am amazed this did not make mainstream news (???) Hate crime on a cruise ship did'nt make news??

Kroooz-Cams states......" If you are attacked or raped or molested on a Royal Caribbean vessel it is best to ask to be locked up yourself, because Royal Caribbean will not detain the assailants while you are on the cruise".........What? So what you are saying is I can commit a violent crime or endanger the ship and the Captain and security can not detain me or restrain me? Do you honestly believe that? Aboard that ship the Captain is all powerful and of course has the power and responsibility to take action to keep HIS ship and passengers safe. More to this story than a couple of posts are telling.

Kroooz-Cams..IMO I think it very irresponsible to make such condeming statements without providing some proof of your facts. Who at RCI explained their policy to you? Do you have any FIRST HAND knowledge of this incident? Do you believe every post you read is accurate? Let's get something other than "he said..she said" before we "trash" a Cruiseline based on what you "heard".

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