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Default Re: Ugly incident - Monarch Halloween cruise


I hate to spoil your morning, but Jeff was a witness to this most horrific crime. Please go check the website and then perhaps you will read a bit more about this most unfortunate hate crime. I have spoken to the eyewitness, who has also spoken to the FBI, US Attorney's office along with Senior Management at RCL.

RCL did drop the ball on this one, they freely admitted that they have never dealt with a hate crime of this type. Both victims (One the original person that was attacked, the other a friend - straight - trying to intervene) were injured, the perps were not detained, allowed to roam the ship on the last sea day. So you see Rick, all cruiselines DO NOT DETAIN those who commit vicious hate crimes on the high seas. There was a serious breakdown of communication between the ship and the home office, along with the FBI.

Rick I state to you, the next time you "TRASH" a person for bashing a cruiseline, perhaps its you that needs to get your facts straight. Sorry to tell you RCI did NOTHING for these folks when they were onboard, but are only now admitting this type of crime was new to them. No they did not detain the criminals. I for one will not go on another RCL ship until this hate crime is dealt with accordingly. I have emailed RCL also, and are still waiting for a reply. But I genuinely wouldn't feel a 3 day cruise on ANY RCL ship is a safe one.

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