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Default Re: Re: Re: Ugly incident - Monarch Halloween cruise

Thomas- does it really matter if the victim was gay or straight. They were attacked! Do different rules apply if the victim is straight?

This is an excerpt from the victim regarding a phone call with the managers of guest claims and customer relations at Royal Caribbean.

"Some of this is understandable but frustrating from a victim's point of view. They advised that they are not a legal authority and cannot technically "detain" them in a stateroom, etc. for even further legal reasons, etc. They did, however, on the second concern, admit that there was a breakdown in communication between security, guest relations, and me and my group members."

The second comment about the communication breakdown was that behind the scenes they were monitoring the assailants but did not let us know.

From many of your comments the only way you will be satisfied that any of this is true is by talking directly to Royal Caribbean and I urge you to do so. You were not there, I was. I would hate to have you be attacked to see these policies in action.

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