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Default Re: Ugly incident - Monarch Halloween cruise

It amazes me that you two - on a Gay and Lesbian message board would put down those of us who want to inform the public about this horrific incident on Monarch of the Seas. I have cruised RCL along with Celebrity, but until I see action taken to safe guard ANY passenger, whether they are straight or gay I will not give them my business. I have had email contact with the eyewitness, and sorry - none of these attacks were provoked by anymeans. I guess by your take - both Rick and Thomas - it is ok to be called f-----gts and other such hateful names. It is ok to have your head stomped on, with high heels, its ok to be assaulted on a ship, its ok for the senior management not to take any pro-active stance on this type of hate crime. Its ok for a communications breakdown between the corporate office and the ship itself. Based on both of your comments, its alright for a cruiseline to allow those passengers who committed those crimes (BTW - they were two straight couples) have free reign on the ship - to stare down those they attacked.

Feel free gents to cruise on your RCL ship - I only hope and pray other low lifes like those four aren't on your ship. If they are, and commit a hate crime against any of you or your group - we will then see if RCL did anything positive. I only hope not as I am sure neither Jeff nor I would want to come back and say I told you so.

And just to let you know, I am straight - but a concerned enough citizen to want to alert others. Remember - someone from this board came over to the asking us to inform those on this board.

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