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Default Re: Re: Re: Re: Ugly incident - Monarch Halloween cruise

"Thomas- does it really matter if the victim was gay or straight. They were attacked! Do different rules apply if the victim is straight?...................Jeff

No, Jeff, it doesn't matter at all. What does matter is that the "reported" facts are consistent from post to post otherwise doubts about the occurences creep in.

Call me the doubting Thomas if you wish, but my posts on this subject are consistent in content in that I will not blindly believe everything I read. And on this subject I'm only reading from the victims. Please don't ask me to pass judgement on somebody or some company when I was not a witness to the event nor can I even question all the parties involved face to face.

I think any attack on any person should result in penalty. Just don't ask me to administer penalty upon someone or some company based on a written statement alone.

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