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Default Re: A Few Questions?

Been on Carnival twice (Fascination and Paradise)!!
The bunk beds are the size of a twin bed and should be comfortable.
Soda Cards are good for sodas all over the ship including room service.
I have brought an iron on every cruise, so a clothing steamer should be okay.
Just remember to unplug it before leaving your cabin.
Favorite foods: Roasted pumpkin soup (sounds wierd, but soooo good), beef wellington,
shrimp, lobster, prime rib, salmon. Don't turn down something because the name is
All most all the desserts will melt in your mouth. Don't miss at least one grand midnight
buffet.!!!!!!! Yum!!!!
Carnival Pizza is sooo good, the best I have ever eaten.
Paradise is a beautiful ship. Have a wonderful trip.
Happy Sailing...!!!
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