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Default Re: Ugly incident - Monarch Halloween cruise

Good news!!!!! I made gay friends aboard the Millie! Seriously it was a great cruise. Lot of elderly pax (70 -100). Larry and Todd from Atlanta, whom we made friends with, said there was a group of 500 gays from NY. No problems I know of except a few looks and a few whispered words. Funny story ( I think)....I was playing the very big and very loud nickle slot Party Slot machine in the Millie casino...when you get 3 party symbols, the machine plays YMCA and gives a bonus play...Todd and Larry were behind me watching me play....Deb was sitting a few feet away waiting for me at a poker slot. When the machine played YMCA, Todd , Larry and I sang along. A couple sitting beside my wife whispered to her.."those 3 men are gay". lol Great cruise and I found out that I am gay!


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