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We just got back from the Conquest and the minimum was always $5. They have some very unusual blackjack games that I really enjoyed. One was called "FUN 21". In this version you could double down at any time, you could surrender your double down money at anytime if you didnt like what you got, 21 was an automatic pay without even seeing what the dealer got and a few other querky things. Also played "FACE UP" blackjack. In this version even the dealers cards were up. On this one all pushes went to the dealer and all blackjacks only paid even money. Both games were hard to get used to but real fun to try. We all seemed to do well at the "FACE UP" blackjack winning over $100 on a few different nights. The odd thing about that was that we only seemed to do well at that table when there were at least 5 or 6 others playing also. If there were only a few we did not do so well?!?
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