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Default Re: RSVP share experiences

Agree with Tommykins. I've done 10 RSVPs, and shared on 3. One was great, one was borderline (very naive, just coming out, from a small Wisconsin town), and one was the second week of a back-to-back. He was an "escort" who's first week john had tired of him and kicked him out. The guy was a total jerk who RSVP kicked off the ship by day 2 so I had the cabin to myself for the rest of the cruise. If you have a share-from-hell, don't hesitate to bring it to the attention of the RSVP staff who'll do what they can to help the situation. But generally, the cabin really isn't used that much, except for sleeping and clothes, and Tom's "entertaining." Just have common courtesy and common sense and roll with the flow. And like Tom said, if he's a jerk, talk to us and we'll ALL teach him how to behave... ;-)
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