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Default Re: Constellation- 9-7-04

Hi Thomas,

Pied Piper is a travel agency in New York which hosts groups of gays and lesbians on cruises which are otherwise straight. There prices tend to be lower than RSVP or Atlantis, which are 100% gay. You can find their calendar online if you search for "gaygroupcruises"

They arrange entertaining activities onboard, such as poolside games, newlywed-not-so-newlywed contests, etc. The entire group usually sits together at various tables in the late seating onboard. Sometimes, port excursions are arranged and lead by Pied Piper representatives. Pied Piper Cruisers tend to be over 40, professionally oriented individuals, with maybe 50% couples.

It's a good way to meet other gay individuals and couples. That way, you don't have to face a table of straight strangers that may be less than enthusiastic about gay company at the table.

Joe and Ivan, South Padre Island, Texas
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