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Todd R
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Ron and Jon,

You two are going to love the Grand Princess.

Jeff and I were last aboard her in October 2002. She really is a beauty. I see you are doing B2B cruises ending in NYC - that looks like an amazing trip - tres fabulous!

Like Mike said, Princess is very good about doing hosting an FOD party. It seems that on the Grand, they're put in automatically - usually the afternoon of the first sea day. It will be hosted by a staff member. Lawrence, one of the dancers, hosted ours. When speaking with him, he mentined that he would be staying on so he could do the Baltics so you may get a chance to meet him. Really nice guy. Have also heard that Kelly, one of the cruise directors staff, has also hosted. Not sure if he'll be onboard for the Baltics but he is a really fun guy - great personality!

Our FOD party was hosted (i.e., the first round of drinks was compliments of the Cruise Director) in the Wheelhouse lounge. It was a great spot. On our sailing we met 4 other couples which was great because we all became friends. During the cruise we shared dinners, drinks, shows and the really cool part is that we have kept in touch post-cruise to plan future holidays together.

If you're interested, here's a link to some of our pics:

Have a great time - we're envious

Todd & Jeff
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