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Default Re: Pill or Patch?????

My experience that motion sickness really isn't too much off a problem unless the seas are REALLY crappy.

Bonine is probably the most benine of the motion sickness pills, and the Sea bands do work for most people.

Some advice I heard about the patches is to cut the center out of them, because they deliver so higgh a dose of medication, many people I have talked to have some side effects from the patch itself. As with any mediction, use the mildest form first, then progress to the heavy duty stuff, after all if a box of bonine for 5 bucks will work, why spend 50 bucks on the patches??

Also, as a "homeo-pathic" (no puns intended, sorry) resoloution, try a product containing ginger. Ginger ale really doesnt have much ginger in it, but you can get a drink mix, kind of like tea, called "ginger Punch". It has Ginger, sugar and lemon in it, and you mix a cup pof this and viola', no more motion sickness (oh, you do have to drink it).

ANyway, has worked for a lot of people I know, I used to captain a small (41') sailboat, and when someone got sick, this did the trick.

Hope this helps!

Happy Cruising!

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