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Ethan Solomita
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Default Re: Paul Gauguin, 5/29 - 6/05 - ANYONE?

No, I haven't been scared off. At least, not yet. 8) I just hadn't checked the thread in a bit. I must admit that I'm failing to imagine Tom in the Marines playing it "straight"!

Unfortunately I'm still not confirmed on the cruise. Three of the people traveling with me had a death in the family, and we're waiting for that to resolve. So hopefully the fare will remain available until they get back to trip planning.

I often have problems convincing friends to travel, so I take it where I can get it, and it's a strange arrangement. I'll be with two friends - a straight couple - and her parents. The couple are definitely straight-but-not-narrow, and her parents have been made that way through many years of her intervention. BTW, I'm 32, for what it's worth.

Oh, and no specific celebration. Just time for a vacation.
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