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Default Re: Paul Gauguin, 5/29 - 6/05 - ANYONE?

Hope all goes well for the friends - condolences.
If all else fails, you could still go on your own, come sit by the pool and help me giggle at Tommy in his speedos (he wears them on his head), as he tries to attract victims.
Fair warning - the one thing I didn't care for on Gauguin was the lack of shade available around the pool area, so bring lots of SPF (the reason Tom wears the things on his head). (He's afraid to wear them elsewhere because he can never remember which side of the thong goes front and which goes in the back.)
Ahh - 32 - I remember when...
I just turned physically 50 (still mentally 18), Tommy's MUCH older. Much, much older. Ancient!
I was just checking a travel site and it still looks like there are plenty of cabins available. My last one we had 283 pax (out of 320) and the next week only had 232 booked.
If you're planning on going early, we'll be staying at the Radisson.
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