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Tom Schaefer
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Default Re: Re: Paul Gauguin, 5/29 - 6/05 - ANYONE?

Well Thulemonster, why is it I look soooooo much younger?
Perhaps going to the gym helps? Tonight it is 1 hour on the stair master followed by an hour on the bike..tomorrow weights......girls gotta do what a girls gotta do to look her best.......just like you do.
As for the sun....I love it!
This will be a very active you better take your vitamins and get ready.
I hope Etan likes the water.......kayacking, waterskiing, snorkling etc.
By the way, wearing a speedo on the head scares people away.....predators away, unwanted pests away :-)
As far as playing it straight....12 years of USMC got me to perfect it....I only flame when I get around the Thulemonster. alone, Thule, myself and Thuleys friends will keep you smiling, active and in a festive mood!
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