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Default Re: Swimwear for Mexican Cruise

I have to add two cents here. When I lived in California in the 80s (81-91), PV was a frequent destination for Bay Area sun seekers. And indeed, Playa Los Muertes was the "gay " beach. At the time, the hotel on Playa Los Muertes was called Los Arcos and had a large gay and lesbian clinetele. I tried parasailing, offered by a couple of local teenagers (no regulation back then) with a tiny power boat. The boat ran out of gas and dropped me in the middle of the bay. I was lucky. Another unwitting customer landed on the roof of a condo a couple doors down from the hotel. The Elizabeth Taylor theater was up a dirt road heading into the mountains and showed second run movies with Spanish subtitles. Would love to see what the place is like now.
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