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Default Re: Re: FOD / GLBT meetings? Why?

We went to meetings for the first time two week ago on the QM2. I thought it was a great way to meet people that you can hang out with or have a drink with before/after dinner. In the past, we never went to meetings and found ourselves trying to find opportunities to walk up to other couples to meet them for a nice conversation. Usually that meant not meeting people until the last day or two.

Most of the people we met at the meeting on the second day became great companions during the rest of the cruise. Even better, it seemed that many couples had different interests between themselves and were able to split up to do what each wanted to do. For instance, I have no desire to sit in the disco until all hours of the night, but my BF does. He was able to hang out with others in the group that we met at the FOD meeting who liked to stay up late. Worked out real well.

It was also nice to talk about cruise experiences at the meetings to get an idea of excursions or future cruises.
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