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Default Re: FOD / GLBT meetings? Why?

Here's our experience ...

Normally, we forego the FOD meetings, opting instead to meet people online first and then meet up on the ship if possible. For us, at least, this is a way to get to know people before the cruise, share some ideas on what to do, etc. For us, too, this takes away the "stranger" feel for people you are actually physically meeting for the first time.

On our Diamond Princess sailing Oct. 30th, we met three gay couples direct from Cruisemates, and another who became friends with one couple during the sailing.

I agree with Paul -- this creates a great way to have friends to meet with when your other half wishes to do something else. On Halloween night, Art was pooped and ready to go back to the cabin. I wanted to take part in the ship party -- and more importantly, see Bob's costume. It was wonderful to be able to go right to Club Fusion, meet Bob and Tim there, and then meet friends of theirs from San Jose, Dan and Bill.

Later, we met up with Ignacio and Marco. Art and I also had a drink with Don and Ray, who were gracious enough to let me have a drink with them late in the evening a couple times when Art was back cozy in the cabin.

Meeting everyone not only added to the cruise, but gave me the chance to do some things on my own without *being* on my own.

I see no problem with a GLBT meeting, mixer or whatever -- and frankly, it perturbs me when it's denied as a listing in the newsletters. This is just how we go about meeting folks on board.


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