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Anthony & Mike
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Default Re: FOD / GLBT meetings? Why?


In my observations, people usually have a natural propensity to be drawn (socially and/or sexually) to other people who share simillar interests. Just as some older women gather to play bridge together, some other people may gather because they like to collect Malaysian butterflies...and some gather because they are butterflies themselves!
In our personal experience, my partner and I had a blast on our cruise to Alaska, and although we thought it may have been fun to attend an FOD event on deck (of which there were none), we still had an amazing and intimate time together without that element.
It is just a little more fun and comfortable when we share company with other people who have common interests.

Now Mikey's Turn:

I asked Anthony to read and comment on this very subject as I could have easily been the poster of this question. Admittedly am on the fence on this. When we went to AK last Aug., and when we go to Mexico this January (Princess 1/15) and if there is an FOD -- yes, I will go. Yet I know myself enough that I will also be a-bit ambivalent. I would prefer to meet with a group of fellow physicians or hikers for example. The idea of meeting based on ones sexual prefrence still does not sit well with me, though I completely understand it. So my interenal debate continues.

While at lunch in AK, I was happily surprized when we sat with two big-haired women from TX and a couple from UT, and ended up having a great time. As an obvious gay couple, I figured the opposite.

Well good questions and great replies from one and all -- thanks for helping me to gain clarity and understaning....


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