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Ron and Jon
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Default Re: FOD / GLBT meetings? Why?

The one point that may now be overlooked is, the diversity of the gay population. Whenever I have attended an FOD gather and I have the honour of many, I find the diversity of the attendees amazing. Who would have really thought that there could be a gay Republican? But I have met several and although we differ on our outlook on life, we had a good time together in our discussions. So much tabout which to talk. Gay is not the subject of and FOD gathering. Life Is. But one needs to know that the discussion can be open without prejudice from any phobia. Subjects from plumbing, yes you heard correctly, plumbing, to medical treatment and social medicine to recipes. But first you have to meet the crowd

On more than one cruise, I have said to my partner Jon, "I bet that couple is gay". But to intrude into their space was not our thing and probably not theirs either. But when the attendees arrive at an FOD gathering, or a GLBT gathering or whatever we wish to call them, life's diversity blossoms. Life really is a banquet and the proverbial suckers starving to death need not be us.

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