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Default Re: Which Stingray Tour?

Forget the ships tours! Go with Captain Marvin's Stingray tour.

He now has a special tour just for cruise ship passengers. It lasts two hours and you get one snorkel stop (equipment provided) and one stop at Stingray City. Cost is $30 per person. And it very easy. All you do is walk off the pier and turn right, walk about one block to the Aqua World Duty-Free Mall. Captain Marvin's has a booth just inside. You pay your fare (I made reservations in advance via the internet but paid when I got there) and then you get on a small bus that takes you to the other side of the island where his boats are. You are returned the same way. And the best thing is that you are in a SMALL group (about 10-17) and not on a big boat with hordes of people! This was a absolutely GREAT tour! I have not heard one negative thing about Captain Marvins tours. Visit his web site at and make your reservations! You won't be sorry.
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