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Default Re: Queen Elizabeth 2

When were the renovations you refer to? We were on the ship two years ago and its condition then was fine.

That voyage was a transatlantic and we had an inside cabin all of which I am sure are Mauretania class cabins, and you eat in the Mauretania Restaurant, early or late sitting. I believe it shares the same galley as the higher grade Caronia Restaurant and the food is substantially the same, but without the frilly bits and little extras (eg the spoonful of caviar you might get once on a cruise).

The food is served fully plated rather than french service as in Caronia and other restaurants, but we found it good quality and plenty of it. Breakfast and lunch is open seating which I personally don't care much for, although you can sit where you like - this can lead to a bit of a scrum at opening time as people race to the best tables.

We'll be able to tell you more about the state of the ship after we get back from 12 nights in the Med the last two weeks of July, although we will be in the Caronia Restaurant. It will be interesting to see how our views are coloured after two recent cruises on much newer ships (QM2 and Galaxy).


Paul & Andrew
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