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Greg S
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Default Norwegian Star Alaska 9/18/05

Hi there.

Well, I did it. I booked a cruise on a "straight" boat. My partner and I are taking my parents. Although they are still relatively young (mid 60s) and pretty healthy, they rarely initiate special trips for themselves, and I decided it was about time they did something fun for themselves after spending several long years as selfless caregivers to my aging grandparents. They have never been on a cruise, and have always wanted to see Alaska so I thought this would be perfect.

My partner and I have had one experience with "straight" cruising, and it was horrendous. It was, however, a Carnival cruise to Mexico, and I swear there were as many children on board as adults. Also, this was long before "Friends of Dorothy" (FOD) meetings, and we only met (or even saw) one other gay couple on this huge boat. They turned out to be not very friendly.

We didn't then--nor do we now--expect huge gay parties (damn!), but we did feel so outnumbered and alone...

So, I'm wondering if there are any other GLBT people who might be going on this Alaska cruise. I don't know if the NCL Star will have FOD meetings or not, but from what I've read, most people of our community don't know what it means anyway when they read it on their daily schedules.

In any case, if there are any others of you going on this cruise, I'd love to chat with you ahead of time or meet you on the boat. My parents don't drink, so probably won't enjoy some of the things we'd love to share with others--like evenings at the piano or martini bar.

We are pretty ordinary, very successful, nice guys--40 and 44 years old--from Portland, OR. Say hello!
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