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Ron in MD
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I have a cabin reserved as a single but the travel agent can change that easily to two in the room. I only smoke a cigar now and then and never inside - always in open air. I am 73 but I was recently told I was only 55 or so. I am not very large, 5' 7" and 170#. Neat and clean, orderly and quiet but not anti-social - in fact, I can be quite talkative in a conversation. I would be willing to share the cabin with personal privacy assured. So tell me more about yourself and let's see if we can work it out so we don't have to pay as much. The full single cost is $1154.
I live north of Baltimore but there is another fellow going who will allow us to leave our cars at his place and share a ride to the terminal so we can all save he parking costs.

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