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Default Re: Queen Elizabeth 2

Tom & Rick,

Back from our 12 nights on QE2 and just about readjusting to reality. What can I say about the cruise? The best ever!

We were in the Caronia Restaurant, so can't comment on either the inside cabins or the Mauretania Restaurant. I can , however, say that the food on this cruise was the best we have had on any cruise and as both restaurants share the same galley and serve virtually the same menus, the food in Mauretania should be excellent too.

The state of the ship was excellent as well, with a lot of new carpeting and re-upholstered furniture. The sun loungers on the Sun deck were extremely tatty, but mysteriously, these were replaced mid- Bay of Biscay on our return journey. It puzzles me why they weren't replaced earlier - were they brought from England, or were they picked up in our last port of call, Rome?

I mentioned in my post above that we were a little concerned what it would be like to go back to an old ship after having cruised on two new ships - wonderful! QE2 may be quirky and old-fashioned with fewer of the facilities that new ships have, but she has character and is comfortable. We realise now that the new ships are rather soul-less.
Our own opinions, I know, and ones that others don't share, but we will be on QE2 again at the earliest opportunity (for the fourth time).

Enjoy your cruise.

Paul & Andrew
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