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Darla Fleming
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i am older than u r asking for, 51, but don't feel a day over 70 lol.have been on 15 cruises so far -like to go on the tours in day & @ nite go to the shows, disco and play blackjack -am planning to go on the cruise i had to cancel in Oct due to a broken foot-am ready to do James Browner's now, ok, maybe just Fred Astaire.Have thoroughly researched this cruise on largest ship in the world & only 1with a skating rink (passengers in day & shows @ nite), mtn climbing overlooking ocean, rollerblading track,golf course,promenade 4 floors high &2 football fields long, lots of niteclubs,largest casino in world on a ship etc am open to go most times (sails 4 times a month) but would prefer around the beginning of April when my condo bldg will be under construction-live about 45 min from Toronto-let me know if u r interested - use old ladies might teach u a thing or 2!
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