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Default Will provide great company and fun in exchange for

I'm a 22 year old female living in the Boston area. I'm desperate for some sun and fun, but am truly strapped for cash as I am a student.

Is there any person out there who would be willing to pay cruise fare for me in exchange for my companionship throughout the cruise? I'm an intelligent, attractive, motivated, enthusiastic, dance-crazy, stay-up-late&wake-up-early woman with varied interests and knowledge. I can discuss Nietzsche and the essence of life through Apollonian and Dyonisian perceptions, or I can take high heels, a shiny dress, a couple of Martinis, and stay out until late dancing. I've even taken tango lessons, for any aficionados out there.

To be clear: I am NOT talking about sex. Sorry if my ad misled you. I am a respectable, clean, kind, warm, attentive person who is confident that anyone and everyone around me can have a wonderful time; that is all.

Feel free to email me, I can send pictures. I am 5'4", 130lbs, athletic, lean, feminine, with long auburn hair. I would make great "arm candy" and then pleasantly surprise you with humor and intelligence as well. =)
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