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Default Re: Female travel companion sought


Sounds REALLY interesting. Don't know yet about schedule--Always wanted to go transatlantic. Do you mind if I ask some questions? Hope not.
Which ship? Where is the trip disembarkation? Have you cruised before? I love it and go every chance I get.

I was going to look for someone to perhaps go from San Francisco to Ft. Lauderdale (trans-canal) on the Ocean Princess in October and ran across this site and your ad. Where do you live in CA? I have never responded to something like this--feel a little strange--life is too short not to take risks, right? A curious personal question--did you have the trip planned with someone else and now she can't go--? Don't mean to pry--

The weather will be chilly--unless it leaves from Miami--warm for a few days. Well, if you want to email me back, please do so. I live in NJ--near Philadelphia and am 38, single, never married, no kids and love to travel. I won't be on email this weekend--funeral in Michigan. Hope this doesn't go to the message board--that is how chat room naive I guess I am.


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