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Allan Harvey
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ok, Ed..found your letter. Two grand sounds reasonably reasonable. I'll look up the itenerary, and attempt to put a viable profile on it. [I'm only semi-literate on a computer, so please bear with me. I haven't the capacity to portray your short letter here while replying to it, and being twice your age, my memory is less than perfect]. Usually book thru a travel agent or directly from a cruise line. What are the mechanics of this proposition? I/we have taken seven cruises and they have all been at reduced rates. I don't steal, cheat or renege,but do usually deal closely and fairly. I too spend very little time in the cabin,and being both neat and able, I personally have no need of a steward. HOWEVER,I almost always render to him/her the standard $3.50 per day. Other gratuities depend largely on attitude. More later Al [owl]
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