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Donnley Tomkins
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Default Re: SWM is nervous; needs help.

Hi Shayn, Wow, you have lot's of great quesions. First off, I have cruised five times. I am no pro but, I think I can give you a few pointers. Most females of our age range do not cruise alone. We cruise with our female friends or guy's.My friend's and I do the cruise scene to get totally crazy and all decked out. We know we are never going to see those passengers again.So hey! Most of your ship's have the staff trying to score with every single female on the ship. They also have the advantage of knowing who is with friends and who isn't. You could request to be seated for dining at a large single table. (If your ship offers that) But, I would roll the dice and try and seek out a single cabinmate before leaving for the ship. I have done that twice. The first cabinmate totally sucked.We had nothing in common however, they try to match you with someone compatiable. He went to bed early, got up at the crack of dawn, and ate like a cow. Room services 24-7. I dodged his plates, He dodge my beer bottles. He didn't like the fact that i was on the cruise to get crazy and party, party, party! I invited guests to our room and he totally blew a nut because he was asleep! Tough marrocca's, I payed for the cabin just as he did. Anyway, He sucked! But I still had a total blast. My second cabinmate was great! We had the best time and clicked the second we met. As a matter of fact we still keep in touch and plan to cruise together again someday. He lives in Calf. and I am from Mi. He was a bit older then me (12yrs.) so no love connection. Just great friends! Anyway, What the heck, roll the dice and suck it up with who ever you get. It really is pretty cool hang'en with a total stranger for a week. oh, and I personally prefer a male cabinmate (i'm a female) If I don't want to hang out with him he isn't going to get his feelings hurt or angery. Most Females do not like being left on their own to seek out fun. I am very social and can met people at the drop of a hat. I'm a self emoloyed hair stylist, So I travel all over the country for educational purposes. You know the trendy look? So I have to be able to communicate easily with all types of humans. Well, good luck, and happy travels. Oh, when are you departing and which ship? Maybe, just maybe, I'll climb aboard. Bye for know, Donnley, from the great state of Michigan.
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