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Default Re: seeking cruise companion

A cruise is a great idea for you. I have gone on many alone and with people and
going alone is great also. You try to talk to as many people as possible. Make
small talk with whoever you come in contact with, no matter what age or sex
anyone is. On a cruise people are looking to have a fun time and there should not
be any discrimination when it comes to age. I have met old and young and I have
had a great time with all. I am 45 years old and I love to cruise. I could do it
every waking minute if I could. Just use good judgement if you are going alone
with any of these people on a tour. Many people on cruises drink alot and do
drugs and sometimes they say they will meet you at a certain time and they don't
show up or they tell you some crazy story because they met someone else who
seemed more interesting or some other selfish gains. All in all most are alot of
fun. Ask for a singles table in the dining room because this is where you spend
alot of time when you eat, and you find the ones that have in common what you
like to do. There is such so much to do on a ship, that you will be busy every
waking minute if you want to. Believe me, some people nerver sleep and they
stay up and have fun for the whole 7 days. Write back. I would like to meet you
for future cruising. gs
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