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Default Re: SWM is nervous; needs help.

Dear Shayn,
I am a 45 year old woman and I have cruised many times already. Lots of times I
get stressed out and need to cruise. I have cruised alone lots of times. There is really nothing to be nervous about. You need to talk to as many people as possible, on the plane, when you wait to board the plane, on the line waiting to bring your papers up to the cruise person who signs in. Also, before you go on the cruise, whoever you booked the cruise with, make sure you ask for a singles table in the dining room. This is a place where you will spend alot of time with the same people. You usually have a blast at the singles table because these are all people who came alone and they are all lookig to meet people and hang out with each other on the cruise and do things when you go on the shore excursions. I have made such lasting friendships from these single tables. Also, most people on cruises are looking to have a great time and you should talk to anyone no matter what age anyone is. I have talked to some really old people and they were
more fun than the younger people. I love to powerwalk on the jogging track sometimes between 12 midnight and 2AM. I saw this older guy that was at my dining room table, and I knew he had run 5 NY marathons, and I asked him if he wanted to go up on the jogging track with me and he said OK. I never had such a good workout and so much fun laughing and talking with a newly met person. I also talked to other people at my table and we formed a group to go on a tour together and we just had a great time. You will have a great time on a cruise because time just doesn't matter and you could be busy 24 hours a day on this type of thing. Hope to hear from you. Robin
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