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Default Re: Cruisemate wanted for April 14 -21


Hope you have a GREAT time on the Mexican Riveria. I went last Nov on Princess and LOVED it! Am a swf, 46 and love to cruise. Have a family member affiliated and get GREAT deals.

Know exactly what you mean about a deadbeat bf, I left one last year in Malibu and am glad of it (but would have liked to keep his house).

Am planning a 12 day Med in 2003, May or June with my girlfriends in our Art Association. Mini-suite is $1800 plus port taxes. I also have a very cheap place in Rome to stay, the Sisters of Notre Dame have their mother house there across from the Borgesse gardens, very quite, green and CHEAP!!! (you can find them on the internet even) They are very sweet and polite, except when it comes to their "fooseball", aka soccer. They are mad-women about the sport.

Anyway, am interested in just about any itinerary, so keep in touch!

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