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Default Re: Cruise Companion Needed for Princess Cruise/Spring


I am a SWF, 46 non-smoker and am former Navy. Sounds from your description that we have a lot in common! I LOVE cruising and have access to GREAT deals through a family member at a local cruise line. I even live in the same state, so cosiderations of airfare would be compatable, as far as watching expenses (yes, I do like a good deal, but broke up with my Malibu beau because he was so cheap!).

This summer I'm escorting my 13 yo nephew to the British Isles for a 12 day cruise. I charge enough for child care to pay my expenses and have lots of fun sharing my knowledge of history with my like-minded nephew (child care is tax-deductible, don't cha know).

Anyway, am available just about anytime, as I'm a free-lance graphic designer / web master and am not tied down. I like the Mexican Rivera (how is $350 for 7 days?) and requires no air fare and went last Nov. and am interested in just about anything EXCEPT the Carribean.

Am planning 2003 already and this is how the schedule is shaking out:

March - 18 days, Sydney to Bangkok ($900, inside cabin)
I have a partner from Bangkok to Rome, April 8 to May 8 and will stay in Rome May 8 to 16 at the Sisters of Notre Dame (Guest House is VERY CHEAP, but quiet and park - like, not far out - side of the Vatican)

May 16 - 12 days Venice to Barcelona ($1800 mini suite)

June, 12 days Barcelona to Venice (same as above)

June, 12 days Venice to Barcelona, with my nephew this time and mybe a couple of other students. We may go through Madrid or head straight for Paris to go to Euro Disney, Paris sights, Chartre, Normandy and end up in London in July and meet with my sister for a 12 day around the British Isles.

Anyway, if any of this is of interest, let me know.


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