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Default Re: Re: cruise companion

Hello Annette,

Thanks for the response to my post. I guess I should have specified a
male traveling companion, so I'm sorry for the inconvenience to you.
I'll be travelling with my parents and several other retired friends,
and even though they ALL know I'm gay, a female cabinmate might look (and
feel) inappropriate. Sorry -the irony is that I have a lot of female
married friends who are way more open-minded than most males, but I
would still feel more comfortable travelling with another guy. I just
wanted to make sure I don't get stuck with a raging homophobe who wants me
to swallow my pillow . I will probably end up rooming single and
paying that huge "single discrimination fare". No problem at all, except
for that huge penalty.

This is my first attempt at looking for a cabinmate this way. It will
be my sixth cruise, but my first to bunk alone. I noticed several
posts in your name, so good luck finding that "perfect" travel companion.

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