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Default Re: cruising in May 2003

Hi - My friend and I (ages 26/ both female) are crusing on Royal Caribbean out of Port Canaveral on May 22... if you haven't already booked your trip.dan wrote:

> Hello all. Looking to cruise in May on a Carnival ship out of
> Tampa to Cozumel and/or Caymans or anywhere else fun. Really
> makes no difference to me. I went on my first cruise last year
> on Royal Carribbean and had a blast but was somewhat
> disappointed with all of the couples on the boat and not as
> many singles as I had hoped for. I am single and straight,
> 6'2" 200 blond hair and blue eyes, 34 years old from Georgia.
> Love most anything active such as parasailing, kayaking, tours,
> going to clubs, etc. I'm very easygoing. Looking for other
> singles(preferably female) between the ages of 25 and 45 who
> enjoy doing all these things. And ladies, don't be shy about
> answering. I wont think you're "easy, can't get a man, old
> maid, desperate, bi-sexual, lesbian", or anything else
> derogatory if you decide to get in touch with me about this.
> If after meeting me, you decide you don't like me, feel free to
> tell me to get lost. Even if you do like me, you are still
> free to flirt with other guys if you want. I'm simply looking
> for someone to have fun with but to also go our seperate ways
> from time to time if we so desire. No rules or regulations or
> expectations other than just plain fun!
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