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Jody (aka Johanna)
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Hi Sophia,

My name is Johanna (Jody my nickname). I am divorced, a single Mom 50+ myself and also straight. I have only had one cruise but fell in love with it. Only problem is I can't afford to go alone. My last cruise was set for June 2-6 to Mexico aboard Carnival Ecstasy but my friend backed out the last minute AFTER I purchased R/T S.W. Air tx to get to where the liner departed. I would love to double up with you and that way we could both save a lot of money. I am very easy going and very easy to get along with. I think we may have one problem. I live on the West Coast. I live just 20 mins from San Francisco. You are very fortunate in that living in Florida you can get those great deals to the Caribbean, etc., since you are so close. I would have to pay to fly from coast to coast and I live on a very small, fixed income and still raising my son of 17. Please let me know what you think. It would be perfect for us both you lived on the West coast. But you have so many more options living on the East coast too. Think of that. Let me know what you think, okay? I want to go this month I miss the cruise soooooo much!!!!! People who are not single just do not know the dramatic increases in prices. My trip on June 2 was under $300. When I called Carnival the man told me it would then be over $700, just for a 5-day trip. What a difference for being single, huh? Hope to hear from you soon. Jody
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