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Jody (aka Johanna)
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Default Re: other singles who want to cruise.

Hi Dana,

I may be old enough to be your Mom but I have a 17 yr old son who stayed drunk the entire trip last Oct on Carnival Ecstasy so it ruined my trip some. It was the ADULTS I went to high school with who really ruined my trip. I really do get along well with all people, all ages. I just cannot go anywhere alone since it cost so much. I had to cancel my trip for June 2-6 on Carnival Ecstasy to Mexico, stopping in Catalina and Ensenada both. Perfect, five days. The price was under $300 but when my friend said she could not afford it at the last minute the people at Carnival pushed my price up to over $700. That is insane to me. I live in the Bay Area. Please let me know. I never stayed in my cabin in Oct so I sure wouldn't now. I never found my son except at dinner time the whole four days so if you are afraid of having an older person don't worry. I still party some myself but I sure wouldn't party with the younger folks. I pretty much like to take in the ocean and just forget all my woes and bills. Let me know okay? Hope to hear from you so we can put enough people together so it's REAL CHEAP. See ya soon I hope. Jody........
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