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Jody (aka Johanna)
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Default Re: $300 Hawaii cruise offer-LADIES ONLY

Well Mike,

That certainly was an interesting pose you chose for this message. You are a nice looking man and your hygiene appears the same, as am I. I am 50, single, and divorced, many years now. I have a great sense of humor, sometimes too much. I only smoke IF I have a social drink which is very rare. My first and only cruise was on the Carnival Ecstasy for a high school reunion last Oct and I loved cruising (or the idea of) ever sense. I spent most my time at the bar, the Rolls Royce Cappucino bar, that is. I too do not indulge in drugs. I could have a great time without so much as their welcome, 'one drink', just like being at home. I could get a photo to you within the week. I think I am fairly attractive, at least the men I know think so (not being fickled here). I must say however, I have work to be done on my upper teeth and do not think I would have it all done by next month. It will be done before September for my daughter's wedding however. It's too bad people do put so much emphasis on looks. I was "football queen" in high school and that is based on looks ALONE but I felt I had to throw that in to try to remind you that I am still the same person. Well, since you feel you must have perfection for your cruise I may be wrong for you. Life is so very short and I want only to be able to get in as many cruises as I can afford while I am still young enough. Well, you think it over my friend. Good luck, remember what the good things are in this short life. Warm Regards, Jody
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