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Default Re: Re: looking for female cruisemate(s) in July or Aug

My experience has been that 95% of the time I cruise with a male cabinmate, they seem to always end up being loud and obnoxious, wanting to party all the time...getting sloppy drunk....or constantly looking for women (and usually only end up looking like a jerk). A kid in a candy store gone wild. Plus, a lot of guys that cruise for the first time expect it to be like a Girls Gone Wild video, and it's just not like

Not that there's anything wrong with that, if that's what you want, its just not the reason I go on cruises. I go to relax and get away from all that.

Granted I have had 1 female cabinmate in the past and had the same experiences, but only once.

Naturally, on a cruise, you don't spend much time in your cabin anyway, but when I'm in it, I like to enjoy quiet time, and female cabinmates tend to be more respectful all around. Cleaner/neater too for the most!

I'm 100% straight, and don't even want to go into those experiences.
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