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Default Re: Re: Re: looking for female cruisemate(s) in July or Aug

I see your point and this is probably true with a certain type of guy, but not all. I have gone with women who have been a pain also---bringing loads of stuff and hogging all the space, being critical of every little thing, taking 5 times as long in the bathroom etc. I would not want a slob, a drunk or any of the other things you mentioned either. I guess it depends on the person and how considerate or decent they are and what their personality is like............. Bottom line is: whatever ship you go on, the room is SMALL and living together for 7 or 10 days can be hard unless the personalities mesh regardless of the gender.Larry wrote:

> My experience has been that 95% of the time I cruise with a
> male cabinmate, they seem to always end up being loud and
> obnoxious, wanting to party all the time...getting sloppy
> drunk....or constantly looking for women (and usually only end
> up looking like a jerk). A kid in a candy store gone wild.
> Plus, a lot of guys that cruise for the first time expect it to
> be like a Girls Gone Wild video, and it's just not like
> Not that there's anything wrong with that, if that's what you
> want, its just not the reason I go on cruises. I go to relax
> and get away from all that.
> Granted I have had 1 female cabinmate in the past and had the
> same experiences, but only once.
> Naturally, on a cruise, you don't spend much time in your cabin
> anyway, but when I'm in it, I like to enjoy quiet time, and
> female cabinmates tend to be more respectful all around.
> Cleaner/neater too for the most!
> I'm 100% straight, and don't even want to go into those
> experiences.
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