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Kathleen Osmon
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Don't be afraid to sail alone. I am going on the NCL Dream next Sunday, 10/12, from Boston to Quebec and back alone. I am a 67-year old female. Went on the Wind in June to Alaska but went with a friend - we both had our own single rooms - and there were days I was so glad to go hide and be alone by myself. I also went on Legend of the Seas for a 14-day cruise from Sydney, Australia to Auckland, New Zealand last year all by myself and had a ball. I usually take every tour I can fit in - and sit and talk to anyone I meet at a table.

I like sailing alone as I can do or not do what I want, when I want and not have to cater to someone else's preferences. I used to travel with my mother, but she passed away several years ago. Right now, I have no one to travel with, and at my age, I decided that if i want to travel, I don't have time to wait to see if I meet someone to go with me. So, I go alone and really enjoy myself.

Where else can you go to some exotic ports, see lovely scenery, not have to pack and unpack, have a nice meal waiting for you whenever you want and feel perfectly safe while you do all this. I love it.

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