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Default Re: 2004 cruise mate wanted

hi scott well I am game at any cruise you may find in 2004 only I can not travel around Valentine day, mothers day ,easter I AM A fLORIST AND THOSE ARE BUSY hOLIDAYS i CAN NOT GET AWAY FROM, i AM A mANAGER AND i HAVE TO BE THERE IN CHARGE OF MY EMPLOYEES TO BE SURE EVERYTHING RUNS SMOOTHLY, oops sorry about the capitals hit the wrong key, lol I am pretty much open to 7 day cruises to 10 day cruises I have gone on 2 5 day cruises but find them to short. I have become spoiled by staying in suites with balconies and with 4 people in the cabin we can bring the cost down to the same as a oceanview or a cat.8 like carnival has, so let me know if your up to it and can find a couple more people I see you have some others here interested if you want you can e mail and I can forward my phone # on to you Regards Fran
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