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carribean Dave
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Default Re: Any single parents (for a friend)

Hi Kathi,
Does your friend want to go to the
About 4-5 of us are going in March
No kids But I know she will have a fun time
with this group,The kids usually hang in the pool or game room.wall climbing.other things to do.The land excursions are fun, snorkling,
Sunning on the beach,Jet sking,
There are 4 of us so far 3 guys, 1 girl
Havent quite worked out all the details but
Sharing a room is alot cheaper for 2-3 and kids are cheaper.Sharing a room is a little
awkward but usually you can work it out.
Plus you are really only there to sleep.
She will also meet many others there.
Get back to me if you think she may be interested.
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