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Default what's normal looking?

I've been on 2 cruises, 1 with a cabin-mate, 1 without. The first cruise many people seemed to think we were lesbians. I'm straight and when I was younger was what most people thought of as a "tomboy". It never occured to me I would be consided gay on my looks alone. I'm pleasing to the eye or so I've been told. I'd like to find a cabin-mate either male or female who doesn't mind a straight average-looking 49 year old, non-smoking women who knows how to stay on her side of the cabin. I'd like to see Belize and Jamacia in the future. And, I'm already booked as a single on Carnival's Victory 09/11/04 New England/Canada cruise. I'd like to hear from others who will be on the same cruise, too.
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