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OK, this is what happen to my wife and I with Carnival Cruiselines. My wife and I had our 25th wedding anniversary coming up and we had booked an 11-day cruise to Greece, Spain, etc. One Sunday we were watching the TV and saw that a carnival cruiseship had broken down at sea. It was our ship that we were going on. That Monday, I called our travel agent and ask her about the ship, would it be repaired and ready to go in two weeks, that is when we were to leave. She told us that she had talked to Carnival Cruiselines and they said the ship would be ready to go at that time.

On the Friday afternoon, before that Sunday we were to leave, I got a phone call from our travel agent saying the ship was not ready, according to Carnival. We had our bags packed and were ready to leave that Sunday, so what would we do now. It was very hard for us to take off from work at the same time. I was given a phone number to a Carnival representative from our travel agent, she said maybe they could give me some ideas on what to do. It was already Friday afternoon and we were ready to go. I call the number and talked to a person from Carnival and she told me I could not go on any cruises and rebook the trip later at a 50% discount they were giving us because of the ship being broke down. Also, I could go on a 7-day Mexican Rivera trip that they were was to leave that Sunday and they were recommending everyone to take this cruise. So, I told the person that I would call my wife and see what she wanted to do, but the representative told me that she had only one room left and that I had to make a decision right then, no time to call anyone. She also told me that since I got the 50% off the cruise, it would not cost us that much. I made a decision to go without talking to my wife. My wife did not want to take that trip, she wanted to go to Greece, just my luck, hehehe.

Our travel agent handled the changing of the plane tickets and said that Carnival would make the price changes after we return and they would refund the money we had coming back to us. Remember the other trip was an 11-day cruise to Greece and we had booked several months in advance and saved a lot of money.

While on the cruise, everyone at our table and the other tables next to us was told the same thing, they only had one room left and they had to know right then in order to go on that cruise, so that meant Carnival was lying to everyone about having just the one room left. Then to make matters worst, we both did not have a good time because of where went, just was not what we was expecting.

After we got back, we never heard from Carnival on the refund, so I called them. They said that we would be getting like $250.00 back for the difference of the two trips. I said that was not right because the 11-day trip was a lot more than the 7-day cruise and that we were to get 50% off the trip too. This is what I was told, they charged me for the airline tickets being changed at the last moment from the airlines, which was included in our cruise price, then since I had booked the trip only two days before we were to leave, they had to charge me the most expensive amount because of the short notice and they gave me many other charges that they had not told me about. I talked to several people at Carnival about this not being right, but no one would help me. So, I said that I would NEVER use Carnival again, I hope u all understand now, thanks.
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