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Default 22yo Male Looking for a Cruisemate


My name is Leo and I just turned 22 and my birthday gift to myself is going to be a singles cruise so that, if all goes right, I won't have to keep giving birthday gifts to myself...hehehe.

I live near Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, and I'm interested in one of the upcoming cruises to Alaska, but I don't mind going somewhere else if I have to because I am determined to have a good time.

Like I said, I'm a 22 year old guy, white/straight/non-smoker/nightowl, looking for somebody who might want to get together...split the cost of a nice cabin and have some laughs. Guy or girl, I don't care. Someone whose done this before would be nice so they could show me the ropes, but if your a first-timer like me I guess we can just wing it together.

If you're a girl, not to worry...I grew up with 3 sisters, and I'm a gentleman.

If you're a guy, you're in luck...I grew up with 3 sisters, and I've heard all of the secrets to the opposite sex (all though, new one's get created daily).

Just looking for somebody to have a good time with. Have a few laughs at dinner maybe, rate the other people on the ship, and make fun of the ones that don't give us a second glance.

Of you interested, feel free to email me at

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