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Default Re: Exporer of The Seas 6/20/04

Hi Chris,

I just took my daughter and sons' on Explorer of the Seas for Spring kids are close to your daughters age. I travel quite extensively with my children as a single parent. I thought it would be nice to repay the kindness shown to me by others and help you with "ideas" for the Explorer...My teens are...19,17,14.
They will ask you before you board..if you will permit your 18 year old to drink? 18 years and older they may drink beer and wine at sea! They must be 21 before they may have liquor. That was not a cause for concern for me..I allowed that priviledge to my daughter..knowing full well she would not drink anyway! She takes after her mom with virgin pina coladas...and coke with lemon!
I encouraged my kids to talk on the cruise critic message boards. They are the best boards for finding friends...I made several friends prior to the cruise ...and the kids met friends too. My kids talked with other kids for weeks before we boarded. They had instant friends almost immediately. I allowed my teens pretty free access on ship...My son came back to the cabin most nights after 2 pm. I figured since he didnt have a car...and he was under 18 and would not be permitted to drink any alcohol...he was pretty safe. The kids just hung out...and ate huge amounts of food. They had a teen disco. It changed ages depending on the time of the evening. The adult disco had younger crowds the later it got. 40 year olds like me 10pm-12midnight and younger crowds after midnight. The older folks cant stay awake past 1! My daughter had a hard time finding her age group at first...a friend told her that the younger adults came out after midnight ...I think that is true. If you tell me which itinerary you are on..I have some great suggestions for excursions...none are with the cruise line! We had a blast. We made some excursion plans with friends we had met on the boards...We had dinner with a lovely family from England one night. We went to Margarettaville with some other friends while in Jamaica. I booked a hotel room at the Atlantis resort while the ship was docked in nasau. We did the Western Itinerary. We did have some rough seas..and did not tether in Grand Cayman because of it. The boat is lovely...was a little packed for Spring break though. I think the staff was overworked too.They tried very hard to keep it clean and the passengers happy. I'll send this off now...and see if you have any questions. Enjoy your daughter and your cruise. They grow up sp fast!
We are going on the Valor for Christmas !
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