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Default Wanted Female Companion

A couple of months ago I broke-up with my girlfriend right after I had booked a cruise for the two of us. Iím looking for a situation absent of drama. And you wonderful women can be very dramatic ;-) So Iím seeking an ideal situation. I have a great job which allows me to travel often and enjoy the luxuries that life has to offer. However, as is often the case I have been working way too much and need a break. So Iím looking for someone to take on this cruise who can relax all day by the pool soaking up the sun and enjoying those great little umbrella drinks that bring a smile to my face, followed by a late afternoon nap or massage, then a great meal with an exceptional wine, followed by dancing till dawn at the club, sleeping in late, ordering room service, and then repeating X9. No getting off the ship at every port to shop at the same old tourist traps Iíve seen a hundred times, or exhausting myself on a tour group, just plain and simple relaxation with a woman who can display a sense of class and elegance, and a totally feminine attitude, And quite frankly is fun to be around.- the cruise leaves Sept 10, 9 nights, Suite accommodations, Royal Caribbean, all expenses paid. Iím 33 years old in good physical shape, 6í0 tall 185 lbs, brown hair, blue eyes. I look forward to your response.
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