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Default Re: Re: questions about donations/logistics

Just got home late last night - so glad your "drop" went so smoothly, Liz! And Helen, how was your trip?

I was SO happy to drop supplies with Familias Saludables while in Roatan - it ended up being a 35 lb box and a little duffel bag for them! It's an easy walk (2-3 blocks?) to their office behind the office for Health Ministry (Fiscalia), but we took a cab since the box was kind of hard to get a grip on, and we wanted to spend the day seeing the island anyway.
All the residents of Isla Roatan were so friendly - I sure hope to go back someday.
The orphanage was just lovely - wonderful property, a little view of the ocean down below, nice new building, (and lots of construction going on). The kids seemed quite happy there, and the missionary we spoke to seemed very kind and loving. We missed seeing Brad, as we ended up being much later than we had anticipated.
I did sort of get the feeling that my donations could have been of better use elsewhere, though. No insult to the CSI, they're doing wonderful things there I'm sure, the orphanage just appeared to be a bit better funded than a lot of the island.

As for getting off the ship, since I had more than just a couple of duffel bags, I followed someone else's suggestion and checked with the purser/info desk ahead of time, filled out a quick sheet of paper, and then when I disembarked, the "disembarkation guys" took one look at the box and knew who I was. . Very easy.

Belize City was a little more dangerous feeling (armed guards with shotguns at the ATMs, police checkpoints heading in & out of the city). Since we had a planned excursion for that day, I wasn't able to find anything about where donations could go. It's said they have never fully recovered from the devastating hurricane that leveled their city in the 60's, and definitely seem to be surrounded by poverty, so I'm certain a little investigating would find a couple of places who could really use some help or supplies.

I'll post more details later, as I'm just online in between washer/dryer cycles (oh, the joy of getting home after 2 weeks away!)
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